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Ongoing chicken coop technology

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Begun in spring of 2020. Added for food infrastructure and just because chickens make you feel better about things in general.

Next-Gen Chicken-Boy. Jaden oversees morning and evening opening and closing of coop, egg collecting, chicken counting and carrying and is poised to become the next billionaire from neighborhood egg sales, which he earns a percentage of for his labors.

We currently have a total of 9 hens. Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Lakenvelder, Welsummer, Americana and Brown Leghorn.

Coop was designed for the cold Maine winter. The roof is built with 2" rigid foam insulation (that they found delicious until I covered it with 1/4" luon) and tight as a drum to prevent drafts and weasels from entering. I buried power from the house to run a heated waterer. They are friendly, curious and social. Sometimes I prefer their company to that of human beings.

Deep winter (Feb 2021) update: Overnight moisture condensation is becoming a problem in the bitter cold. Some minor frostbite is showing up on the brown leghorns (with very large combs).

We have removed the waterer to outside the coup. After some research, we discovered that hens do not drink water while roosting overnight. Since chicken-boy lets them out every morning just after sunrise, this removes one source of moisture. Next we plan to add soffit venting to create just enough airflow to move moisture out without risking a draft.

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