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Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Even cheaper ways to get cheap shit done when you're a cheap shit.

Some kid is always breaking their headphones or ruining a CAT5 cable.

Instead of buying new cheap shit, I often like to teach myself how to fix the cheap shit.

Alot of time the cheap shit wasn't built to be fixed. But that's just another challenge.

Is it worth it to buy equipment and spend hours figuring out how to repair something that costs $30? I think it is. And then you're the guy who can fix it after the zombies come.

A $60 ATV winch from Harbor Freight saves hundreds in chiropractor bills when the shit is just too big and you know it, but its still got to be removed (at an hourly rate)...eventually into the wood stove in February.

Wood splitters are expensive. This one was made out of bulldozer parts back in the '50's before everything was made like crap. Cleaned the points, removed some dead mice and she fired right up. 10 HP Briggs and Stratton gifted by the old coot down the street. Thanks Arden! (RIP 2023)

Totaled that Nissan above into a phone pole last winter. used insurance payout to get into a brand new Toyota Tacoma that we got busy right away modifying. (notice age difference of kid- still interested.) More about our truck mods in the post with the same name.

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