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Things And Stuff

Like my business card says:

I do alot of various things that you would call "A Job" in the community. I also do stuff. I decided a long time ago that I don't like working for other people. (I like working WITH other people, but other people usually have alot of baggage and eventually shit gets weird.) Working for myself allows me to do a good job, the way I want to do it. On my own schedule. And I don't have to deal with anybodies weird ass shit. If things get weird, I smile and wave goodbye... and subsequently I don't have to do that very much, if ever. People sense that they can't jack you around, and I think it helps both parties to behave more respectfully. WTF was I talking about?

Things and stuff. A short list: Carpentry, sheetrock, painting, light electrical and plumbing, renovations, facilities management, Locksmithing, small engine repair, lumberjacking/ tree/ chainsaw work... some landscaping I guess...

People just call me and I figure out how to do the things they need done. (as well as the stuff.)

Occasionally people with alot more talent than I have call me up to help them out when they take on a job where an extra pair of hands is needed like this little gem of a 2nd story deck job from fall of 2020, contracted and designed by my friend Christopher Moore:

But most of the time I stick to smaller jobs.

Currently making doors and walls where there weren't any before:

Strange customer-idea projects and kitty nooks on Dodge Mountain 2018-20.

Sometimes I even get to renovate my own house: Master bedroom/bath remodel 2019:

And the occasional fashionable trendy-ass thing commissioned by the wifey-poo:

Every once in awhile wifey designs something pretty neat and I build it. Like these custom shelves with jewlery cabinet and invisible drawers (not pictured obviously because that's where we hide all of our secret Donald Trump memorabilia)

Yes indeed, the list goes on but I rarely remember to take pictures. So if you're in need of things and/or stuff feel free to get in touch through the contact link in the site.

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