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WhisperingHam Productions

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

WhisperingHam is the bridge of the spaceship where I transform the things that I make in my head into expensive multimedia products into which I can pour hundreds of dollars and years of my life. Why? I don't know. It's just what I've always been meant to do. Sometimes you have to abandon reason and just make art.

For a free place to listen to my last 3 CD's (with no annoying youtube ads- yes- I'm there too) follow this link to my bandcamp page.

Thanks for listening.

Typical studio engineering apocalypse during final production of "Ten Thousand Empty Water Glasses" (2019)

Portland, Maine radio station interview after release of 10,000 Empty Water Glasses, 2019: Greetings From Area 207

Mid-way through recording sessions with Putnam Smith for the "Lefty" double CD (2018)

WhisperingHam went mobile in 2010 when I wrote and recorded the entire album: "Great Escape" on the jobsite in Roque Bluffs Maine over a ten-month span, away from my wife and kids for the first time... in an attempt to not die from alcohol poisoning while living with a carpentry crew 5 days a week in motels and rental apartments, poised daily on the edge of madness and/or inspiration... art prevailed.

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