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Fabricating electronic components in the field

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

dropped my son off at soccer practice and challenged myself to build a radio power adapter that I needed on the tailgate before the sun went down. (45 minutes)

Needed to go from this: (12vdc male)

To this: (12vdc powerpole female)

Found a low dc voltage female receptacle on a 1990’s era portable CD player In a pile of junk.

Had planned on inverting the truck battery to power the soldering iron, then I realized the scoreboard had gfi’s at the base:

(have since purchased a butane torch for this type of need)

Trimmed away old silicone board and soldered new connections…insulated with heat shrink tubing, added powerpole connections, tested for continuity…

and wrapped it all up just before sundown.

why not just order one from Amazon?(if they even exist)

Because this cost pennies and was

completed within an hour of realizing I needed it, saved a useful part from the landfill, and made the soccer moms wonder if I was the unibomber (Priceless).

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